universAAL - EU FP7-ICT-2009-4 - Objective 7.1b

universAAL – EU FP7-ICT-2009-4 – Objective 7.1b

February 2010 – January 2014

The potential benefits of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) solutions are already clearly recognised, and societal trends indicate that they will be attractive to a large and increasing number of people. But uptake of such solutions has so far been limited. universAAL aims to reduce barriers to adoption and to promote the development and widespread uptake of innovative AAL solutions. It will benefit end-users (i.e. elderly people and people with disabilities, their carers and family members) by making new solutions affordable, simple to configure, personalise and deploy. It will benefit solution providers by making it easier and cheaper to create innovative new AAL services or adapt existing ones using a compositional approach based on existing components, services and external systems.

Our vision is that it should be as simple for users to download and setup AAL services as it is to download and install software applications on a modern operating system. universAAL will establish a store providing plug-and-play AAL applications and services that support multiple execution platforms and can be deployed to various devices and users. Finally the allocation of local human resources is also supported in the store.

universAAL aims to produce an open platform that provides a standardized approach making it technically feasible and economically viable to develop AAL solutions. The platform will be produced by a mixture of new development and consolidation of state?of?the art results from existing initiatives.

Work on establishing and running a sustainable community will receive attention right from the start, with promotion of existing results gradually evolving into promotion of the universAAL platform, as it develops into one consolidated, validated and standardized European open AAL platform.

The consortium is built of major industrial and research players in the field, including key participants from earlier projects.

More information about the open IoT platform universAAL can be found here.