MPower – EU FP6 – Priority 2.5.11 einclusion

October 2006 – June 2009

MPOWER is an open platform to simplify and speed up the process of developing services for people with cognitive disabilities and elderly. This platform provides reusable, flexible, and interoperable software service specifications and implementations. Basically, the main idea of MPOWER is to give the software application developer a reusable base of software service designs and components/services, avoiding starting from scratch, saving developer’s time and allowing the developer to build application from a set of small pieces which all together create the complete application.

The MPOWER middleware consists of a set of services, covering medical and social information services, interoperability, communication and security. The tools and process of the model driven toolchain was developed to simplify the development of services, and it was applied to the development of the middleware services. The Norwegian and Polish proof-of-concept applications were developed using the MPOWER services, and validated in trails by end-users.

Validation of the MPOWER approach has been done both with elderly end users, and with application developers who used the middleware service and tools to create applications in the domain. Since February 2008 two separate proof of concept applications (POCA) have been tested in Norway and Poland, respectively. The evaluation results are twofold: 1) Evaluation of a smart homecare system services, and 2) evaluation of service oriented architecture as an approach to build homecare applications. In addition to an overview of the results from these validations, this final report also contains a summary of lessons learned from the project participants.

The main technical results from the MPOWER project including the MPOWER middleware platform and the toolchain has been released as open source, and is available at: