Follow.Me - Active and Assisted Living Programme

Follow.Me – Active and Assisted Living Programme

June 2016 – Ongoing

Follow.Me aims to satisfy people’s desire – mainly family members and doctors – of monitoring the position of elderly people with different forms of dementia and Alzheimer, in order to prevent danger situations. There is nothing more frightening than losing a loved person. Satellite tracking devices can help quickly locate missing people. Keeping track of an elderly adult, with health or mental problems, is an important challenge for ageing well.
The Follow.Me platform (GPS tracker, smartwatch app and web app) aims to create an easy to use system to locate people and provide information when they leave a specific area (the house, the hospital, the surrounding streets). The system allows easy configuration through a rule engine based on the IFTTT paradigm (IF This, Then That).
Follow.Me will be available on any independent (not extension of the smartphone) smartwatch on the market in the next future, to be used by disabled people with easy to use features and a comfortable wearability. There will be therefore no need to carry also a smartphone by the cognitively impaired in order to tether and pair the two devices.

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